Recycling does so much good to our environment and economy. What a great way to clean up and put the trash to good use! There is so much you can recycle, yet numbers show that a small amount of recyclable garbage gets recycled. Cookeville is a city in Tennessee known for its sustainability and recycling efforts. Following some simple recycling tips can help Cookeville continue to be an eco-friendly city. Here are some Cookeville recycling tips:

Know What Can be Recycled 

Before you start recycling, knowing what items you can recycle in Cookeville is essential. The city accepts paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs, metal cans, and glass bottles and jars. However, it is vital to note that you can’t recycle all plastics, and following the city’s guidelines on what plastics are accepted is crucial. Typically, Cookeville takes number one and two plastics. Check the labeling on the plastic container to determine if it is recyclable. 

Keep Recyclable Materials Clean 

Recycling materials contaminated with food, liquids, or other waste can lead to the rejection of the entire batch. Rinse and dry your cans, bottles, and jars before putting them in the recycling bin. Sorting, cleaning, and drying recyclable garbage increases the chances of effective recycling. 

Sort and Audit Materials At Home 

It is crucial to separate materials before recycling because not everything fits in the recycling bin. Sending a clean batch of recyclable waste simplifies the process, ensuring a high recycling rate. You can separate paper from plastic, metal, and glass. Separating materials will ensure that they can be recycled effectively and prevent contamination of other recyclables.

Use The Correct Recycling Bin 

In Cookeville, recycling bins come in two colors: blue for paper and cardboard and green for plastic, metal, and glass. Make sure to use the correct container to avoid contamination. Also, ensure this two trash can types for proper waste management. 

Flatten Cardboard Boxes 

Flattening cardboard boxes can save space in your recycling bin and make it easier for the recycling facility to process. Plus, carrying flattened boxes is easier. How do you dispose of food boxes like cereal and cake mix boxes? You can recycle them, provided they’re clean and dry with no food and oil grease.

Don’t Bag Your Recyclables 

One of the best Cookeville recycling tips is to keep bags out. Material Recovery Facilities will turn down bagged recyclables because they’re hazardous to the recycling equipment. The grocery or trash bags can wrap around, damage, and shut down the sorting and processing machines. Instead, use the recycling bin directly or a paper bag.

Recycle Electronics 

In Cookeville, you can recycle electronic waste like computers, televisions, and phones. Take electronics to the recycling center for proper disposal. For instance, you can search for the nearest facility offering electronic take-back programs. Retailers, too, offer these services, so be sure to check them out. 

Recycle Batteries 

Batteries should not be thrown away in the regular trash, as they contain hazardous materials. Some lethal materials in batteries include mercury, lead, sulphuric acid, and cadmium. Consider recycling batteries at the recycling center or a battery drop-off location. Finding the right recycling center for batteries is crucial whether you have alkaline, Li-Ion, or button batteries. Use sites like Cal Recycle to locate a local recycling center near you. 

Compost Food Waste 

Another important Cookeville recycling tip is composting your food waste, and it is an excellent waste management strategy to reduce waste and provide nutrient-rich soil for gardening. The composting facility in Cookeville accepts food waste and yard waste.

Recycle Old Clothes 

Do you have clothes you’ve never touched in years? Please don’t throw them in the garbage yet. You can also repurpose or donate them to charity. Take clothing and textiles you no longer need to thrift and Goodwill stores in Cookeville. Donating old clothes to a charity is also an excellent way to recycle and help those in need.

Use Reusable Bags 

Instead of using plastic bags, bring your reusable bags when grocery shopping. Reusable grocery bags are durable, eco-friendly, and can save you money in the long run.

Reduce Paper Waste

Although garbage paper is recyclable, it is quite a hassle when contaminated. Plus, it loses its quality after every recycling. One way to reduce paper waste is to switch to paperless billing for your utilities and credit cards. You can also use both sides of the paper when printing or taking notes.

Purchase Recycled Products: 

When buying products, look for those made from recycled materials. Using recycled products supports the recycling industry by creating a demand. 

Educate Others 

Spread the word about recycling and encourage others to adopt sustainable waste management. Start by teaching your children the benefits of recycling and creating a better environment for the current and future generations. 

Cookeville Recycling Tips: Recycle Better in Cookeville.

Recycling is essential to the sustainability of our planet, and following these tips can help Cookeville continue to be a leader in recycling. 

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