Want to dispose construction waste safely in Cookeville? It is a process that takes time because of its material nature. Whether remodeling a small bathroom or building a skyscraper, construction and demolition waste are inevitable. These waste materials include concrete, bricks, wood, tiles, shingles, metals, glass, wiring, insulation materials, soil, and more. Construction and demolition debris are heavy and unsightly, albeit they can pollute the environment. Fact: Construction debris contributes up to 25% of solid waste, taking up landfill space quickly. Disposing of construction waste safely is crucial and helps to protect human health and the environment. Whether demolishing a building, renovating, or cleaning up a construction site, there are safe ways to dispose of the debris. 


How to Dispose Construction Waste Safely in Cookeville

Handling construction waste can be back-breaking and time-consuming; however, getting this waste to the right place can be a game changer for the environment and human and animal health. Thankfully, there are many ways to dispose of construction waste safely in Cookeville.


Rent a Dumpster

Are you stuck with construction waste in Cookeville? Renting a dumpster is one of the best decisions, especially if you have a dozen tons of debris. Instead of you picking up and delivering a dumpster rental in Cookville, a pro team will be there to do the leg work. You can toss C&D waste like concrete, tiles, shingles, wood, and dirt in a dumpster. Using a construction dumpster is the most reliable and safe disposal option. There are different container sizes to fit your project. 


ALC Disposal is the top choice for construction dumpsters in Cookeville. We provide 16 and 20-cubic yard dumpsters for demolition and construction work. These construction dumpsters make eliminating construction waste from residential and commercial properties easier. Another excellent thing about renting a construction dumpster is that it is a perfect fit for people needing flexible schedules. Contact us to discuss convenient ways and provide the right construction dumpster size to dispose of construction waste safely.


Reuse Construction Waste

Another excellent way to discard construction garbage in Cookeville is by reusing it. Whether working on home improvements, new constructions, demos, or road works, you can utilize the debris for other projects. Reusing construction debris helps reduce landfilling, offering tremendous environmental benefits. Consider deconstruction if you’re demolishing a building to maximize the material recovery for reuse. Deconstruction is a strategy that helps divert construction debris bound for landfill disposal. Reuse things like doors, windows, cabinets, hardware, and appliances.

Chip old wood and use them as mulch or ground cover material. You can reuse concrete and bricks as paving, fill, or subbase material. Don’t waste full-length timber; utilize cut-offs for lintels and blocking. Construction materials come with dozens of packaging materials; you can check if your supplier can take them back.

dispose construction waste safely in Cookeville

Donate to Community or Landscaping Companies

Did you know that you can donate construction materials? Non-profits like Habitat for Humanity accepts donation of construction materials, salvaged doors, windows, cabinetry, kitchen and bath fixtures, flooring, and tile materials. Community Forklift is another organization that can take construction material donations. Alternatively, search online for communities needing construction material donations and offer them your excess or salvaged items. Donating materials is an effective way to dispose construction waste.

Some landscaping companies accept construction waste materials for recycling, which is another excellent strategy for disposing of construction waste in Cookeville. Building components like concrete and asphalt can make aggregates for building walkways, driveways, and borders. Wood waste can make the best mulch and compost for the garden.


Haul it to A Transfer Station

If you have the time and means, consider moving the construction waste to a transfer station. This facility accepts and sorts municipal solid waste before moving it to disposal sites or incinerators. Search for local transfer stations accepting material drop-offs and find the delivery days, times, and other requirements. ALC Disposal is here for you if you need someone to help dispose construction waste safely in Cookeville.