Roll-Off Dumpster Rental in Livingston, TN

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Low Cost Roll-Off Rentals 

Do you need to remove junk and are looking for a Livingston dumpster rental?? ALC Disposal offers residential and commercial containers. We help move, remodel, or clean your home by providing reliable services to take the trash to the correct location. We’re the most versatile hauler regarding the project types we handle. We offer weekly dumpster rental and trash pick-up and can create a disposal schedule that fits your availability. 

Getting a wallet-friendly Livingstone dumpster rental can be challenging, so we provide reasonable and transparent fees. Your upfront payment includes the weekly rental, two tons of debris disposal, transport, and other support services.

If you’ve got heavy garbage to clean from your site, you can find our 16-yard container valuable. Renting our roll-off container is more seamless and cost-effective than any other waste disposal solution. You can place your container request online, and our friendly staff will do their best to provide the dumpster on time.

Dumpster Sizes

12 Yard Dumpster

Capacity: 50-80 Trash Bags


  • Home Cleanouts
  • Waste Disposal
  • Household Appliances

16 Yard Dumpster

Capacity: 80-100 Trash Bags


  • Roofing Debris
  • Small Remodels
  • Special Events

20 Yard Dumpster

Capacity: 100-130 Trash Bags


  • Large Home Clean-outs
  • Small to Medium Construction Sites
  • Roofing Debris

Professional and Reliable Customer Service

Waste disposal can be easy when the right crew handles all the nitty gritty details. Our team has years of experience and ensures you have the best dumpster ordering experience. Whether deep cleaning or renovating for the first time, we make the dumpsters accessible when you need them. 

ALC Disposal’s customer support can help you every step of the way. Our team is friendly and can assist you with online dumpster requests. They can also help you choose the right container and schedule deliveries. Additionally, they are skilled in handling dispatches and meeting your emergency needs. 

ALC Disposal is reliable for full-service demolition and debris removal. Trust them to handle the job efficiently. We offer comprehensive demolition and construction waste management services to simplify your job.

livingston dumpster rental

Livingston Dumpster Rental Do’s and Don’ts

At ALC Disposal, we strive to offer our customers premier dumpster rental experiences with zero pitfalls. Equipping you with the right dumpster rental information is an excellent way to avoid extra costs and delays.

The first step is understanding the best container size for your job. Livingston dumpster rental companies have various roll-off rental sizes for unique customer endeavors. And ALC Disposal can supply 16 and 20-yard containers for residential clean-ups and commercial construction works. 

You can get Livingston dumpster rental sizes for heavy debris, home junk, landscaping, and renovation waste.

Each container size has a weight cap you shouldn’t exceed. For instance, our dumpster’s weight limit is two tons.

You will be charged $100 if you put too much in the dumpster or if it becomes too heavy. Each extra ton will cost $55. Do fill the container to the level mark or fill it to half if it’s dense debris.

Your second step is to understand the pricing and fee payment options. Again, each business has its pricing, and you don’t want to deal with hidden costs. We charge transparent and reasonable weekly rates starting at $300 per week.

Many things can determine the overall fees, but you can avoid most. For instance, non-approved junk like mattresses, tires, appliances, bulk wires, and hazardous garbage can add more fees. 

Ensure you’ve got the list of acceptable waste before putting anything in the dumpster. Our sales rep can guide you and offer options for prohibited debris. 

Another thing to do is to be dumpster-ready by creating enough space to drop off the container. Containers are very heavy and can harm the soft ground, so choosing a strong surface for placing them is best. 

Where to find the best Livingston dumpster rental? ALC Disposal is your top-rated hauling serving Livingston and beyond. Give us a call with zero obligation and get a free estimate.

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