Do you want to kickstart the year on a clean slate? The new year is special; you set career, money, and personal development goals. And often than not, many people set goals to eliminate garbage. The first step to getting your new year rolling is kicking the clutter into the dumpster. New year decluttering can clear your mind, improving your mental health. A clutter-free space can improve your physical health and augment your productivity.


Decluttering sometimes is not as easy as picking an item and tossing it in the bin; decluttering paralysis can get the best part of you. Thankfully, you can overcome it thanks to our new year decluttering tips. Keep reading to find ways to simplify your decluttering project in the new year. 


How to Organize Your House for The New Year

A clear strategy for a decluttering project makes it easier to accomplish your goals. Whether decluttering a multi-family home or an apartment, the tips below can make it easier to tackle any size of junk.


Create Time for the New Year Decluttering

You’ll wait forever if you’re waiting for a perfect time to declutter. Create the best time to declutter even if you have to break it into chunks; aim for progress rather than perfection because life can get busy, and creating a perfect time to declutter may not be in the realm of possibilities. Set a realistic time to commit to decluttering and stick with it; it could be 30 minutes every day or three hours every weekend. 


Remember, it is okay to start small. Clean out one small section at a time; start with the toughest nook and crannies. The joy of decluttering a space can motivate you to clean and organize your entire home.


Simplify the Sorting Process

Chances are you use 20% of items in your house 80% of the time. And this means you might have many unwanted things to toss away. But how do you eliminate clutter responsibly? Use the container or create sorting sections to declutter your space; these can be the donate, sell, keep or discard sections.


The sorting containers can help you know where to put a particular item when editing through your stuff, especially things in storage spaces. 

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Donate or Sell

Handling huge piles of debris can be costly. The best way to make your new year decluttering less expensive is by donating or selling some stuff. This can be a worthwhile process since you’re contributing to a worthy cause or making money. 


Donating or selling can be simpler when you sort items when cleaning out the junk, which is why the sorting process comes in handy. There are many avenues to sell unwanted stuff or donate, and a simple search online can connect you with nearby donation centers or customers. 

Rent A Decluttering Dumpster

One fact about decluttering is there is always debris that needs to go, and, more often than not, it is enormous piles of garbage. New year decluttering can produce tons of unwanted trash; this is where the dumpster helps. ALC Disposal offers 16 and 20-cubic yard dumpsters, perfect for new year clean-up projects. We offer affordable weekly rates and are flexible to accommodate any size job.


Utilize Storage

You need a space to keep everything you put back after removing the junk. Do you need to keep the holiday deco for the next season? Get storage boxes, create shelving or install cabinets to keep and organize your stuff. Creating storage spaces can help you tame the clutter for the next year or two. You can utilize the vertical space if there is insufficient square footage to keep stuff. Look up storage ideas online, and you’ll find dozens of minimalistic ways to organize your home. 

Rent a Dumpster with ALC Disposal

When you’re ready to tackle your decluttering, contact ALC Disposal for a dumpster rental.